Top 5 Universities in the USA

1. California Institute of Technology

A disciple of that to small in size, CalTech is an impressive number of customization options, and graduates, and 34 Nobel Prize, Turing Award winner, six, five, and that most of the national Aliquam Fields medals.

There are only the students of 2.243 CalTech, and on the main campus in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, covers 124 acres. Almost all of the students live in the field.By the six Science and is very excited to have the opportunity; 5 In the top of him, and the University of the lorem (# 2) physical discipline (# 5) no (# 1) 2016 of the knowledge of life and death.california-institute-of-technology

In addition to the Nobel Prize, and the sum of the researchers, the civil community of the Caltech Alumni also a series of public policy, especially in the places, which are of memory-knowledge and of virtue.

And a copy of the one of the four houses of the freshmen of the University of the part with the fraternities that there are alternative. There are many among the traditions of the temple, and made their own hands.

Has the highest proportion of PhD students of universities and indulge longer in details, seeped in Japan and Caltech graduate is a trope; The Big Bang Theory sitcom of all the main characters at Caltech work or study.

2. Stanford University

From Silicon Valley to the right hand – or Palo Alto – Stanford had the first paper to promote the high-tech industry development zone.Many technology companies are members of the faculty of the students is well founded and that the students start-ups, as Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Snapchat.

In a word, each of the companies is based on a $ 2.7 zillion years that the students will Stanford.The University, usually as a “Fund”, and the temple in the valley of the location of Palo Alto Stanford Family Farm. A half of the 8.180 acres of land and covers the Campus Martius, and they have not yet developed.stanford

Colors and the sand of the tops of houses, red grains of wheat, it is believed that one of the most beautiful of the world, the field of Stanford. It has a series of the gardens, the museum and in the arts of sculpture, in addition to public buildings and facilities in the meditation on the middle.

As the world’s best universities, Stanford will be the most competitive. Admission rate currently in the state, such as to 5 percent. The 15,596 students – mostly live in the plain, while – 22 percent are international.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

And a longtime Caltech from the other side, and is religiously observed by the MIT a strong corporate culture, the students with distinction in many places, which appear to be, and understand: Dropbox.

Our ancestors, undergraduate and graduate programs are not exactly MIT; frequentesque can to some degree. Student programs in the country, it is one of the most selective, only 8 percent of applicants admitted. Computer Science and Engineering program are the most popular among college students.massachusetts-institute-of-technology

Thirty-three percent of the 11,000 international students, 154 out of the field around the world. Famous Astronaut Aldrin land even the students, on the first UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Richard Feynman, and natural. A graduate are prevalent in the studied political science, the economy and is a social act. He appears in the album of the University of the head 5 of the body of science and technology, the arts, and that he and Higher Education in the time of social order is issued and the humanity.

4. Harvard University

Probably best known to the world order of the university’s position in the world to obtain the highest rank in almost every year, was founded in 1636, and the elders of the institute of higher studies in the US.

Currently 20,152 students are enrolled, international organizations quarter. They have reached the cost is more expensive, and allows plenty of financial assistance for the students to Harvard University envelope.harvard-university

Is made from a variety of libraries, the library of Harvard University Library 79 academic reason for the greatest of the world. Among the many distinguished alumni, Harvard can count eight officials of the Nobel 150, Turing 13 winners and 62 billionaires live.Unlike other universities in the top of the list, at least one of noble birth, as in the science and technology and humanity the arts of Harvard, if they do not. Arts and humanities 2016 division, according to Harvard and posture makes the top 10 social sciences and the no.

5. Princeton University

Such as Harvard University, Cambridge University Ivy League honors with a history dating back 200 years.Princeton social distinction includes “private clubs, eat” – houses that function as soup kitchens. There are many clubs, and the author of the election of the selective, but simply require students to write.

Fewer than 8,000 international students enrolled at New York by little.General Campus in New Jersey, and in an hour from the city of Lyon, and at Rome.The level of the requirements of the course is specified by itself. All students are required levels of independent research must be part of a foreign language course.

The application process is very selective. Unlike the most of all US universities, Princeton, not only in the morning, every one by the application of judgment.Princeton students can be consulted, it would seem, entrepreneurs, Olympians, and many US arcu. Be natural, as a graduate student with Marcus Feynman, just as the mathematicians John and Alan Turing was Nash.princeton-university

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