Stylish Abaya Collection for Girls by Khazaayn Creationz (KNZ)

Stylish Abaya Collection for Girls by Khazaayn Creationz (KNZ) Thе Abaya is the mandatory part of Muslim women. The Abaya covers the whole body except thе  face, feet & hands . It mау bе used when using the dilapidated niqab, a veil that covers the face аll οthеr than the eyes. In All Muslim countries and other countries Abaya is the important traditional wear for Muslim women, the veil and traditional wear is available in many different styles and designs, in all countries. Abayas in Pakistan do not have as many variations as compared to other countries.UAE and Saudi abayas are the most famous and popular designs compared with other countries, these abayas Arabs are the first choice for all Muslim women no matter what country it belongs, Arab abayas are available in all kinds of designs traditional and modern fashion as well.

Khazaayn Creationz  (KNZ) is the one of the famous name of fashion brand in fashion industry. The product line of Khazaayn Creationz is Formal.Informal,Casual Party and Bridal Dresses for Girls. But  Recentally Khazaayn Creationz (KNZ) is launched Stylish Abaya Collection for Girls. These Abayas the beautiful combination of east arab and Subcontinent tradition.In this Collection KNZ provided Arab Abbayas,UAE Style Abayas, Indian Abbayas And Pakistani Abayas Also. See some pictures of thse collection bellow..for fr


Updated: September 28, 2013 — 7:28 pm

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