Khadi Bed Sheets Designs Collection 2015 (2) Pablo Picasso said that the colors are changing emotions, but one could disagree. The colors and emotions share a symbiotic relationship – like emotions can dictate our color preferences, colors may direct our emotional responses. We were pleasantly recalls the power of color in the launch of Khaadi house in Dolmen Mall, Karachi
Home is signing Khaadi Khaadi, with a twist. While the “east” (east) and “West” (west) are often portrayed to disagree, Khaadi Home combines oriental patterns with Western designs in a collection of tasteful, carefully crafted.
Khaadi Home offers a range of bedrooms and crockery.
Although attractive, your furniture collection is not one that everyone will be able to get their hands on. Today, Khaadi Home has sofas, benches and ottomans for sale in limited quantities. This could work both for and against the store, since some customers might choose not common, unique products; others can be annoying if the item of your choice is out of stock. Khan feels it is Khaadi Home individuality that sets it apart from other textile designers. “Because the numbers are far less, they will continue to change. Way, you can build your collection” he explains.
The store is part of products that show a multitude of techniques, such as handloom weaving, block printing, embroidery and screen printing.
Most products Khaadi Home worth the price, both in terms of quality and appearance. Cushions range from Rs 500 to Rs5, 000 and Rs10 furniture, 000 and RS25, 000. Laptops with ethnic designs (RS600) and elephants Bamboo (RS500) are a great addition to the collection.
While eccentric designs and vivid color tones may attract the attention of some, that could just as easily repel others. Although Khaadi Home offers a wide palette of colors, strong are their bright patterns and bright colors. A customer said he would not opt ​​for bedding because she prefers “simple cover printing space not so busy.” Khan acknowledges that the collection is not something that everyone can understand. The store caters to a niche market and therefore is not in direct competition with other major textile shops. A vendor who shares Khaadi Home items are the most popular: “table runners, tablecloths, cushion covers and bed linen.”
The weavers and merchants, whose efforts often go unnoticed, should be appreciated for bringing to life designs Khaadi Home and the store itself. The new line is keeping the legacy of defending the ancient craft of handloom Khaadi, and creating products that are reminiscent of the rich and diverse flavors of the subcontinent. “Khaadi standsfor Pakistan

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 8:23 am

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