Coronet Diamonds wedding Rings Collection 2015

Coronet Diamonds wedding Rings Collection 2015 (1) Coronet Diamonds was founded in 2013. Coronet Diamonds is a famous diamond company of US. Coronet Diamonds main product are Rings, Pendants, Studs, Bracelets, and Necklaces. Coronet Diamonds Find affordable luxury with our extraordinary any-day rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and exceptional bridal sets with a bigger diamond look and brilliance you won’t find anywhere else. Our patented* Coronet Solitaire only features diamonds that are Near Colorless and VS/SI1 Clarity. We then design our jewelry in an innovative way to showcase the diamonds’ fire in an unparalleled fashion…all while being brilliantly affordable.

The tradition of exchanging rings on Engagement/Wedding was begun by ancient Egyptians almost 5,000 years ago. The first wedding bands were made out of plants that grew along the Nile. They were given to the admired woman. Every woman with a reed band on her finger was known to be taken and unavailable to other admirers. Engagement/Wedding rings are among the most ancient symbols connecting two lovers in one whole. It is interesting to note that the pyramids of some Egyptian pharaohs feature pictures of rings decorated with little stones and other images. So days past and Rings change its design by the requirements of the peoples.

In Rome, when it came to ring making, iron was preferred to copper. It was believed that his metal symbolizes the strength of a man’s love. In the 17th century silver rings become fashionable in France and England. During this period the first engraved bands appear. The men with a more romantic disposition gave their lovers jewels on which they had engraved entire love poems. A century later the tradition of engraving the name of the husband on the wedding band was born. In Europe they are worn on the right hand regardless of religion. Americans prefer to place this symbol of matrimonial love according to the custom of the Romans. Scandinavian ladies are often wearing three rings on their ring fingers – an engagement ring, a wedding band and a childbirth ring. Some Hebrew wives wear the jewel on their index finger. Even though traditions may differ in different cultures the results are the same – a universal celebration of love, eternalized by marriage and sealed with a ring.

The Selection of engagement Ring is also very difficult task for any men or women, all youngster thoughts that they gave a precious Ring to his/Her Lovers. The selection of engagement Ring also depends on your Lover Choice. Here we Mentioned some Beautiful and stylish Diamond Rings design for your Choic.

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