Chanel Perfumes Collection 2015 for Men & Women

Chanel Perfumes Collection 2015 for Men & Women (7) Chanel is the World Famous Multinational Fashion Brand. Chanel Launched multi Fashion Brand in all over the world.Chanel  latest bid Chanel perfume Also famous in all over the world.Now a Days Chanel launched its latest collection of Perfume.

Chanel Coco Noir is the latest Perfume Brand by Chanel. Every time I smell a little like me . Some may disagree with me , but I think Chanel does a great job with their flanks ( a variation of an existing fragrance) , next ( a whole other story ) of men and Coco Noir is no exception . Following the massive commercial success of Coco Mademoiselle , which was a variant of beautiful and sexy pump original perfume , Coco , which was launched in 1984. Loved the original, and it was my signature fragrance after I retired my beloved Opium . Coco is opulent and full of sensual spicy oriental notes . Chanel re-branded taste and toned it down when released way Coco Mademoiselle , playing the notes of woody musk so it is heavier in patchouli . I love Coco Loco, but a massive commercial success often means you have to smell shit everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. There was a time when you could not go to any public place or party without smelling Coco Mademoiselle . Sadly that usually seals the deal for me and I was fast ” on” it. Well, Chanel has scored a real victory with Coco Noir. I feel that somehow brilliantly with Mixed Original Coco Coco Mademoiselle . Both are so distinctive on their own, but become something magical again in Coco Noir.

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