Women Diamond Rings for Wedding 2015 by Bez Ambar

Women Diamond Rings for Wedding 2015 by Bez Ambar  (1) “Each design should be beautiful, versatile and comfortable … allowing the individual to express the unique personal style with that extra touch.” Bez Ambar

Bez Ambar is a true pioneer in the industry of jewelry design. Using his signature Princess cut diamonds to create a bold and dramatic for their engagement rings centerpiece, Bez has become a firm favorite among brides to be that want a ring that is a little more unusual than the norm.

Bez Ambar is the most important diamond jewelry designer of our time. During the past 30 years, he has revolutionized the industry with the invention of two new diamond cuts and creating new ways of establishing them. Your quadrillion, a square shape with the brilliance of a round diamond, was the original princess cut stone. Invisible pave Bez invented to take advantage of the clean edges of your new diamond and was also the first designer to perfect micro pave setting. His newest cut diamond, Blaze, is further proof of his genius.

He realized that the greatest advantage of a square shaped diamond compared with one round is its ability to be flush against each other, creating an illusion of brightness intact. With this in mind Bez began to look for a new method of attachment of the side square diamonds seamlessly side by side. After much trial and error Bez created the first piece of diamond jewelry without borders barb – less, and coined the term “invisible set”.

With the success of the square diamond invisible setting, Bez turned his attention to the round diamonds. Trying to create a facade of pure diamond brilliance, unobstructed by metal spikes or channels, Bez adapts his technique to round diamonds calling this new form of invisible setting ‘ unlimited ‘.

Bez Ambar Diamond Rings for Wedding 2015 has been launched recently. The most unique quality of a diamond is the way light breaks; to highlight this designed a cut with fewer facets larger. More facets produce high fire. Correct angles remain bright white stone.A flash of fire can only be as big as the fact that creates it. The Blaze seventeen cutting facets , while most cuts over fifty facets . This means that the Blaze cut produces bursts of vivid colors five times larger than any other diamond cut. The Blaze cut maximizes a diamond’s natural fire in all facets.

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