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Think about what you think of Apple and iPhone and its fast and smooth, with lots of useful and simple applications that are designed to make your life simpler interface. Apple certainly knows to turn around the mind of people often either through the release of their new device or version of iOS. While people are still accustomed to the 5c 5s and iPhone, Apple has been all over the web for a good reason, and is rumored to launch iPhone 7 in the near future. With this speculation and debate, many people go to buy the Apple smartphone current generation and rather wait for the new device. It also claims that the new iPhone will be lighter, stronger, smarter, and bigger than ever. Well, this certainly maintain sales of Apple’s latest device on hold.

Apple iPhone 7 Features

Apple certainly know to impress your users and surprise you every time with its features and use of the User class. Also this time, you can expect a little extra spice and drama to the new iPhone 7 will steal your heart. The new device is claimed to be involved with some new features that undoubtedly surprised its users. Let’s look at some of the features that are supposed to simply amazing device.


iPhone fans can expect the size of the screen is bigger than the iPhone 5, which allows them to view videos and photos on a big screen with a larger viewing experience. With several complaints about the clarity and screen iPhone 5, Apple will ensure that this time display that can handle offer superior clarity and leave no marks behind the complaints. What’s more, sources say that the new device will be without the physical home button, which means expected easy to use touchscreen navigation to impress its users.


Where every company is in the war for making spectacular camera smartphones, Apple is going to give tough competition to them with the launch of its new device. The iPhone 7 states that have a 20 MP rear camera and a camera of 8 MP face to face. This will allow users to capture crisp, clear images wherever they go, eliminating the need to carry a digital camera while traveling.


In this fast paced life where you are running around completing all assignments on time, mobile phones have also become faster and better with improved technology. Apple simply has taken advantage of its skilled and dedicated professionals to develop a processor that will do the entire job with a snap of his fingers. You can expect the new iPhone 7 is based on A8 quad core processor or better. This will help enable you to multitask and perform tasks more easily and quickly


Large storage space means you can store all your digital content such as games, music, pictures, and more on the device, so it is very useful when needed. iPhone 7 is rumored to be the model available up to 256 GB. If this speculation proves to be true, Apple will create another benchmark with registration. What’s more, do not be surprised to learn that the iPhone 7 allows users to make unlimited storage, you never know with Apple.


iPhone 7 is the next generation smartphone and is expected to be loaded with some amazing features and functions and exclusive governing the market. Apple says it is working on developing a new device built for your projector. Moreover, if Apple is successfully installed this application on the device, fans will definitely enjoy this app and look forward to its release. Projector also allow users to project your presentations or movies on a flat wall or surface, thus enriching the visual experience of smartphone users.

4G connectivity

iPhone fans will surely enjoy surfing the internet with support 4G connectivity. With this new addition and support, Apple plans to make navigation and internet browsing speed. It is expected that the 4G network to be supported both AT & T and spiritual networks.


With the expectation of many new features and better processor, the iPhone 7 is said to be powered by a new battery technology to offer extended hours for use. In addition, the new battery that uses organic materials replace traditional Li-On.

various applications

With them growing speculation, one can expect that the App Store is flooded with numerous innovative applications to capture the attention of iPhone users 7.

iPhone 7 Release Date

So, when the new iPhone getting released? The million dollar question will have your answer only when Apple officially makes an announcement in their next-generation devices. For now, it is expected that the new iPhone 7 hit the market in late 2014 or early 2015. Reports says Apple is customary in the release of their new devices in the third quarter of each year and has proved a success. Well, with this you can expect your smartphone to rock the market and be on the shelves later in the year.

iPhone 7 Price

Innovative features, user friendly interface, better screen size, faster processor, and more will make for a bit more of its previous models. It is expected that the iPhone 7 to be yours from $ 649 to $ 849. Moreover, it is better not to make any wild hosts in price because Apple is known for offering your device at a reasonable price. What’s more, stiff competition from Android smartphones will not allow Apple to increase their price drastically and keep their limits.


There are no limits or restrictions on these rumors and speculations. The debate and fight for the first glimpse of the iPhone 7 will continue until Apple officially released the photos and puts an end to all the speculation and assumed facts. Wait and see until you get to hear the official announcement and release date

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features


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