Top 10 Ways to Make your Body Smarts…..

How to lose Weight and make you body smart

Everyone wants to look smart and slim. But most of us have more kilos you want to delete. All those nights of binge eating and food therapy will catch up with you at the end.

I’m always looking for tips to get rid of that extra weight. We must remember that there is no shortcut to lose weight, although less time is needed to win and more time to shed those kilos. We have to work and be patient with the results. We can be sure of the results, but to wait for the results to be achieved overnight is an illusion.Here are some effective tips to lose weight that have been tested.

Trust me when I say I was in that you are now the same boat. I used to read these articles and not believing a word written on them because I felt like it was all a trick, and if it was so easy, everyone would be doing it. But this time I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I began to see tangible results and saw my body change, just by following a few simple tips. You have to be realistic and include these tips into your daily routine. The best part is you do not have to go through the silly scheme starve.So here are my tried and tested tips:

1. Tome water

Drink plenty of water – literally, a lot of it.

Water hydrates the body, aids digestion and reduces cellulite. It also helps you get a clearer skin. Water is a natural regime and known worldwide for weight loss because it improves your metabolism rate. Start with drinking at least eight glasses of water a day and then start slowly increasing the amount. Carbonated beverages, juices and canned fruits that come in cardboard boxes are a big NO. If you are used to drinking beverages with food, replacing it with fresh juices. Drinking water can help reduce weight.

2 Grape fruitHow to lose Weight and make you body smart (2)

Grapefruit is rich in enzymes that burn fat. It has a high water content and less sodium. A combination of these three features makes taking perfect grapefruit to increase your body’s metabolism. Make a habit of eating at least one grapefruit a day. Try to eat a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice every morning with breakfast and you will notice how fast shed those extra kilos. As it may not be liked by everyone because of its bitter taste, add a little salt and black pepper juice. Remember, grapefruit or grapefruit juice should not be consumed at night because our digestive system slows down to rest and rejuvenate. Citrus grapefruit could end up giving heartburn and make you restless while trying to sleep. Grapefruit can help burn fat

3  Portion controlHow to lose Weight and make you body smart (4)

Limit your portions. Divide your meals into five or six small portions. Ingesting a small portion accelerates digestion. If you did nothing but reduce your portions by 15% to 20%, you will end up losing weight without strenuous workouts. Most of the portions served in restaurants and at home are bigger than they really need.

Remove the measuring cups to get an idea of ​​the sizes of the common portions and work on cutting down. Trick your mind and get instant portion control by using small bowls, plates and cups. You are psychologically eat their usual rations, as your mind thinks you’ve filled your plate.

This trick works wonders and really makes a big difference when it comes to seeing results, without having to starve yourself or eat foods that the diet that only leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s all about mind over matter. A cup of green tea after dinner also does wonders for his regime.


4 Eating consciouslyHow to lose Weight and make you body smart (1)

While eating, avoid falling into any other activity. Keep your mind and concentrate on eating this. Chew and eat slowly. This helps your mental appetite to be fulfilled and satisfied their hunger too. Eating while reading a book or watching TV makes unconsciously consume more. Follow the rule of ‘table, chair and board. “Just put the food on a plate, sit and eat quietly. Thus is to monitor what you are eating and remember to eat the amount consumed. Eating while watching TV makes unconsciously consume more

5 Give yourself a “cheat day”

Leave a day as a cheat day. This is the day you can sneak in for a treat as the frozen yogurt, so work hard all week and hope that one day cheat.

6. Set goals for yourself

Promise yourself that you will be more active. Try to take some time out of his busy schedule to exercise, even if it is only a 15 minute walk down the street. Use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Every little bit counts!

7. Eating more vegetables and fruits


How to lose Weight and make you body smart (1)Try to eat fruits and raw vegetables as they are low in calories. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help in weight reduction. They also help in digestion of food, increase your energy and control blood pressure.

8. Replace to lighter alternatives

Try to choose low-fat and low-carb meal. Instead try eating fruit juices to get enough fiber. Use salsa and hummus on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or cream cheese. Eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Use skim milk in your coffee instead of cream. Use lemon dressing on salads instead of heavy oils.

9. Green tea

Green tea increases metabolism and helps you burn mHow to lose Weight and make you body smart (3)ore calories. Green tea also controls the level of cholesterol; though it will take a few weeks for their effects will materialize. I started drinking two cups of green tea a day without any diet or exercise and after a few days, I was surprised when I checked my weight – I had lost almost three kilos! You can add sugar, honey or lemon in it, according to your taste.

10. Be honest with yourself

Make a food diary and list everything you eat. It will help you know your calorie intake you will cut unnecessary calories did not notice before. Write down everything you put in your mouth, even a few M & Ms or a handful of nuts. After a while, set a certain limit calories and try to stick to approximate intake. If you have decided to start this regimen, remember that all depends on your will to control himself. If you see you away from the right path, do not give up. Instead, get back up and continue the routine. It is guaranteed to help!

Good Luck!

Updated: February 20, 2015 — 10:27 pm

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